• Welcome to the Climate Tagger API

    The Climate Tagger API is a cost-free tagging tool part of the “Climate Tagger Suite” for those publishing online resources in the climate area.
    It can also be used to deepen content by suggesting related resources from the indexed content pool.

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  • Automated Tagging

    Tag extraction is based on the experts-built Climate Thesaurus, with a wide range of additional information available. This service is accessible in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. The API returns the formats RDF/XML and JSON.

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  • Content Pool

    Related documents are suggested based on matching keywords and geographical regions. Suggestions are drawn from a pool of content populated by well reputed platforms, portals and websites, so you can share information among platforms automatically. For example, documents indexed by the Climate Tagger covering related initiatives in the region or thematic area, project output documents and policy reports.

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